To keep up to date with the club check out our new website!


PO BOX: 24276

To keep up to date with the club check out our new website!
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(Not available for daily drives).

We are not just another "Skyline Car Club"

We are a club created to cater for the early model Skyline series, from the Prince to the early R32. But frankly, we don't care what sort of Nissan or Datsun you have, or for that matter, what sort of car you have.  You will always be made to feel welcome by a dedicated committee and membership base.

Since June 2009, CSA is proud to say that we are a 'CAMS Affiliated' Car Club, and for those who can't get enough of motorsport, we have a huge yearly motorsport championship. Check out our upcoming events.  

We are a membership based club, but you don't have to be a member to participate in any of our events, (Aside from AASA or CAMS events). Got something to say, something to sell, contact the President and get your message out there.

We are currently having our club meetings at Michelangelo Italian Restaurant in Aspendale Gardens on the last Wednesday of every month.  Come along and have a meal and a chat with us. You will be made to feel very welcome .